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Get It Faster & Secure!

Create a long lasting memory on the water in St. Mary’s County, MD you and your friends or family will never forget!

It’s one thing to relax by the water and take in the scenery but to go out on the water in one of our Pontoon Boats takes it to another level entirely!

The kids will never forget that time you let them jump off the side of the boat!!

  • St. Jerome's Creek is one of Southern Maryland's best-kept secrets.
  • The Only Boat Rentals in the area.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
Priceless Experience
Whether you are an experienced boater or this is your first time on the water – you’ll have a blast for sure!
Custom Add-Ons

  • Fishing Packages
  • Inflatable Dock
  • Cooler

Local Knowledge
We will provide charts as well as custom drawn local maps that’ll show you the best spots on the Creek!
Our Pontoon Boats

We’ve got two great boats and will more than likely add to the fleet if demand dictates…

Picture Gallery

As the season progresses, we’ll add your photos to this collage so be sure to use hashtag #rentPontoons!!

Boat Rental FAQ’s

We’ll try to answer your most frequently asked questions here…

The law requires that any person born on, or after July 1, 1972, must have
in their possession a certificate of boating safety education while operating
a numbered or documented vessel on Maryland waters. The certificate may be obtained by completing an approved boating safety course or passing an equivalency examination. The Natural Resources Police offer the Maryland Basic Boating Course through local recreation departments and community colleges or online. The classroom course is 8-10 hours in length and covers the basics of boating and water safety.

There is an online course offered by Boat US at, The course is user-friendly and self-directed.
More information can be found on our Boat Safety Page.

Anyone with experience operating a boat will have no problem adjusting to the “art of the pontoon”. They’re a lot lighter and thus are a lot more effected by wind. They operate at very low speeds, so you should be fine.

We make every effort to keep our boats fine-tuned and well-maintained but stuff happens and we’re just a phone call away. The boats are all equipped with an anchor which is the first thing you should deploy if the engine fails. This will avoid any kind of collision (with another boat, a dock or land).